Joseph Limbaugh

These are sites I find illuminating:

Dark Basic Pro : Learn about Dark Basic Pro. It's the program I used to make the Overdroid game.

Dad's Garage Theatre: I was one of the original founders of this theatre. They now rule Atlanta's theatre scene with an iron fist (inside of a puppet).

Homestar Runner: If you haven't seen this before you should check it out. Funny.

The Dean's Office: The Dean is a purveyor of pop culture political insight. He makes me laugh.

Craig Kuehne: A local Geurilla director who cast me in one of his short films.

Iron Cobra: A two person improv duo that re-defines two person improv duos.

Clunky Robot: One day we will all fall prey to the power of CLUNKY ROBOT!

Molecules with silly or unusual names: This just plain ROCKS!

Erasmatazz: Chris Crawford is a genius. If you work in any sort of software or game industry you should read his amazing book - "Understanding Interactivity."

Storytron: Crawford's Interactive Storytelling technology is going live! These are the superstars that will make it happen.

Cockeyed: Rob makes me laugh. I secretly admire him from afar.

SNABULUS: This is a link to my cousin Don's web page. He's a general genius and funny guy.

Christopher Hayes: This guy doesn't know when to quit. Send him joke email immediately.